COSA - Participant follow-up in 21st century: Efficient follow-up and workforce issues for the Cancer Cooperative Trials Groups — ASN Events
4:00PM - 5:30PM
Chair: Ian Davis

People affected by cancer, health professionals involved in their care and the health system have an interest in long-term outcomes of clinical trials.

When people are followed for their long-term survival outcomes (sometimes 15-30 years or more) the costs and logistics of follow-up can be complicated and it is difficult to obtain funding for this.

In an era of electronic databases, e-medical records and personal health records it seems that long-term follow-up could be streamlined, saving resources and ensuring more complete data collection.

However, we need to be designing and planning our clinical trials in a way that facilitates smooth and log-cost data linkage.

This session aims to address the current problems and potential solutions, it will also consider the workforce issues relevant to clinical trials.