Low dose CT screening for lung cancer — ASN Events

Low dose CT screening for lung cancer (#142)

Henry Marshall 1
  1. University of Qld Thoracic Research Center/The Prince Charles Hospital, Chermside, QLD, Australia

Screening for lung cancer has become a reality in the USA with several expert bodies recently issuing guidelines and health insurance companies offering reimbursement. 

The driver behind this was the publication of results of from the National Lung Screening Trial in 2011.

The aim of this talk is to update the audience with the current state of lung cancer screening.  As well as international trial data, local data from The Queensland Lung Cancer Screening Study will be presented.  The objectives are:

  1. Discuss whether lung cancer represents a suitable disease to for screening
  2. Summarize the current state of the literature and highlight knowledge gaps
  3. Contextualise local trial data and discuss screening implementation issues pertinent to Australia