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‘Just Ask the Question’ (#209)

Anne Hardy 1
  1. Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Women with gynaecological cancer can experience significant sexual difficulties, yet information and support tailored for this area is often neglected or mistimed. The experience of women and their psychosexual sequelae of gynaecological cancer will vary and be influenced by a range of disease-related, demographic and sociocultural factors.

The Framework for Psychosexual Care of Women with Gynaecological Cancers (PSGC) was developed to describe the knowledge, skills and abilities required of health professionals working with women who are at risk of, or experiencing psychosexual concerns associated with, gynaecological cancer or its treatments. A suite of learning modules and supporting materials are available to support health professionals develop the required capabilities in this area. The development of these resources was funded by Cancer Australia.

This session will highlight the free online resources available to support continuing professional development opportunities for health professionals involved in the psychosexual care of women with a gynaecological cancer. 

Topics covered will include:

·        The experience in adapting and delivering continuing professional development sessions based on the PSGC resources to a multidisciplinary team at Mater Health Services.  

·        Feedback from health professionals received in training sessions regarding their understanding of sexuality and their anxieties in conversing with patients.

·        Case presentation from my experience at Mater Health Service in conducting a psychosexual assessment, which will highlight the importance of asking the question about sexuality.