Joint Plenary Panel Discussion: Responding to challenges in the treatment of patients with melanoma and skin cancer — ASN Events
1:30PM - 3:00PM
Great Hall - enter doors 7 and 8
Chair: Matthew Loscalzo

Facilitator: Matt Loscalzo
Panel: Fran Boyle, Bryan Burmeister, Dan Coit, Angela Cotroneo, Cathy Mason, Donna Milne, Mark Smithers
This joint session is convened by IPOS and COSA, and follows a highly successful format used at previous meetings. It is designed to provide a forum for discussion of the complex issues which arise in the care of patients with melanoma and skin cancer. The facilitator will present a series of challenging clinical cases to engage members of the multidisciplinary panel in discussion. There will be opportunities for members of the audience to contribute to this discussion.