IPOS - President's Plenary — ASN Events
11:00AM - 12:30PM
Great Hall - enter doors 7 and 8
Chair: Hannah Lunnay

The inaugural President’s Plenary aims to provide a platform for dissemination of important initiatives and achievements of interest to cancer professionals globally. IPOS’s Vision, which was established in 2004, is that all cancer patients and their families throughout the world receive optimal psychosocial care at all stages of disease and survivorship. The aim is also for IPOS members and associates to provide the pre-eminent international resource for the dissemination of information and development of interventions that reduce cancers related to lifestyle and behaviours, and optimize care. Important initiatives have been driven by focal needs to see Psychosocial care available as a seamless part of holistic multi-disciplinary quality cancer care and Life-extending lifestyle changes promoted and supported through the expertise of behavioural and social scientists. In keeping with WHO targets that there is ‘no health without mental health’ IPOS has declared that cancer health must include mental health. This is in line with the patients’ declaration to ‘See us - not our disease.’                                                        

11:00 AM        Welcome / Opening
11:05 AM        Maggie Watson - “The William Rudder Memorial Lecture -  Impact through Endorsement: Global Engagement on the IPOS Quality Standard” 

11:35 AM        Barry Bultz  - IPOS International standard for quality cancer care: Distress as the 6th vital sign

11:45 AM        Bill Breitbart - Psychosocial care as a human right

11:55 AM        Luigi Grassi - Federation of National Societies

12:05 PM        Devon McGoldrick - LIVESTRONG

12:15 PM       Jeff Dunn - Advocacy/UICC

12:25 PM       Q&A / Session Close