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Co-ordination of psycho-oncology care within the Queensland children's cancer centre (#616)

Cherie Lowe 1
  1. Royal Children's Hospital, Herston, Qld, Australia

Co-Ordination of Psycho-Oncology Care Within the Queensland Children’s Cancer Centre

The Queensland Children’s Cancer Centre (QCCC) receives approximately 160 new diagnosis of cancer a year. The Psycho-Oncology care of these patients is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals including Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Music Therapists and Mental Health Clinicians including Psychologists and Clinical Mental Health Social Workers.

Until 2010, the co-ordination of Allied Health Services within the QCCC including psycho-oncology care was performed by all team members without clear direction from a legitimate leader. In 2010, an Allied Health Clinical Leader was appointed to co-ordinate the Paediatric Oncology Allied Health Team and establish a co-ordinated program of psycho-oncology care provided by an identified Psycho-Oncology Team.

The evaluation of the impact of the Allied Health Clinical Leader demonstrated improvements in referral co-ordination, a decrease in duplication of services and improved role clarification between psycho-oncology oriented health professionals. This had a flow on effect to patient care including a clearer focus on mutual goal setting and family centred care.

This poster details the Paediatric Psycho-Oncology Model of Care including referral pathways, universal, targeted and clinical services offered to patients and families and the communication avenues to enhance multi-disciplinary care planning and intervention.